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Higher Airport Traffic Requires Faster Maintenance Procedures

Runway Rubber    Waterblasting is a most responsible manner for restoring friction coefficients to runways while preserving the pavement surface. The depth of cleaning articulates easily in Performance Hydroblasting, Inc.'s rubber removal machines. Astute technicians and specifiers know the value of cleaning thoroughly, while leaving the surface virtually untouched by the process. Runway rubber removal is handily accomplished in a few hours when tight schedules prevail. Performance Hydroblasting, Inc. can add support to enhance the production needs of your project.


Marking Removal  Challenges arise on runways and taxiways when paint flakes and the chips become FOD. When removing this type of paint, the varying thickness presents unique challenges. Where the paint is very hard or very thick and the pavement is older or brittle, waterblasting affords a unique level of adaptability to eliminate markings and preserve the pavement. By managing applied energy and narrower blast patterns, waterjets can target resilient materials. Performance Hydroblasting, Inc. supports each project with a ready variety of blast heads. Each head is designed for the specific challenges encountered on airfield pavements.


Paint Restoration  Dirty or faded center lines can easily be brightened in a quick pass without removing the reflective beads. Mildew and rubber often imply a need for new paint, when mere cleaning can produce the desired effect.


Airside/Landside  Air passengers benefit on the landside from the paint cleaning services of Performance Hydroblasting in pedestrian areas, parking areas, parking garages, and arrival/ departure roadways. Airside support includes marking removal and curing compound removal of gate areas, wing lines, jet bridge markings, nose wheel line, and walkways. Our walk-behind and truck-mounted blasters maneuver easily in these tight access areas.



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