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Construction Specialties

Chip-Seal Preparation  Modern specs often call for the removal of decades-thick rural traffic markings that are thicker than the chip seal pavement being applied. Waterblasting can quickly eliminate these markings so that the chip process will adhere.


Rumble Strips  While not often used, pavers may consider using a temporary fine aggregate asphalt to fill in rumble strips for temporary traffic patterns. In the end, Peformance Hydroblasting, Inc. can cleanly remove such asphalt and prevent a repaving or re-milling operation.


Bridge Cleaning  Waterproofing and paving operations are two applications that call for waterblasting. Generally, concrete bridge decks do not get repaved. Since asphalt trucks often track asphalt onto the concrete, jobs look better having the bridges cleaned after the paving in that area is complete. Waterproofing bridge decks also requires a clean bonding surface. Waterblasting provides great cleaning and scarifying of the surfaces to be sealed.


Paver Support  Road construction brings unique challenges from time to time when unique tools are needed. The adaptability of waterjetting lends itself to doing what other equipment can not do or cannot do efficiently. A unique need and creative minds are often all that is needed to pioneer a waterblasting application. There is no limit to what a “can-do” approach can accomplish; for instance, last year Performance Hydroblasting was able to restore rumble strips to their original integrity after having been filled with asphalt for a three-month shoulder widening.



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